. Matrouh, O Matrouh
Matrouh, O Matrouh

If you ask me, what place do you most like to spend the summer?
I will answer "I like to spend the whole summer in Matrouh"
Matrouh is the most beautiful city and the most beautiful beaches on the Mediterranean.
It is really not world-famous and foreign tourists do not come to it .This is because they are not promoted globally
Tourism in Matrouh is limited to local tourism
I think this is because officials do not prefer foreign tourists to mix with Egyptians.
As a fan of Matrouh, I invite all the people in the world to come to Matrouh and enjoy its wonderful weather.
The sea color is blue and pure as the color of the sky.The beaches have fine and white sand.
The people of Matrouh are kind and gentlemen,Matrouh is famous for figs and natural mint

One of the most famous beaches of Matrouh.
Algharam beach
Alzamarda beach
Om alrakhum beach ,Which is considered Maldives Egypt
Almarawa beach
Cleopatra Beach is one of the oldest beaches and everyone loves it very much
Lagoona Beach 

Rommel Beach ❤️ One of the beaches preferred by families because there is no wave in it and very suitable for children and the elderly .
Aleiwam, Lido beaches are very suitable for children and the elderly and lovers of beaches downtown
One of the most beautiful beaches of Matrouh is absolutely the beach of Eajiba
I conclude my article with the following
Dear visitor, if you are sick, your health has returned to you,Because of its mild weather and fresh air
And if you are sad you become happy , When you live in Matruh
And if they ask me where you want to live forever?
I will answer I want to live in Matruh


Published on: 9/25/19, 8:02 PM