What are the top 3 areas you should visit in 2019?


1. Dubai:

Dubai is one of the most famous Arab countries, the world and the Arab world and the Middle East.

Best popular areas in Dubai:

-Tower Khalifa 


-Open parks 

-Dubai Rivule

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2.United States of America:
America is one of the largest and largest countries in the world, and the best and most famous regions: -Honolulu - Hawaii -Seattle - Washington -Tampa -Florida

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3.Sharm El Sheikh:

Do not marvel at her beauty, because Sharm El Sheikh is the most beautiful city of the Sinai Peninsula, Sinai is land of turquoise, land of the moon and Land of the Rising Sun. The first place where the sun shines in Egypt is Sinai, The weather all year is warm and bright You can never feel cold or bored. You can find everything you need.

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